Teaser: Indian Wedding Experience

I can say that Akash and Simran’s wedding was the greatest day of my “Life in India” so far. It did not only make me witness how Indian Wedding was like (lots of glamour…and dancing!), but it gave me an opportunity to get to know Avi’s family as well and most specially, his mom. ❤❤❤


Yes, I’m working. It was hard at first but as days go by, I am getting used to it. I’m getting used speaking english all day. haha! And understanding what they’re saying. Oh, american accent. Adjustment period is not easy, I have to adjust physically, emotionally and mentally. But at the end of the day,I just remind myself that this is for my future and this is just the beginning. This is what God planned for me. Also,this is for my family, I don’t want them to get disappointed on me. We will all benefit from it. At the end of this work and travel period, all my hardship will worth it all. Just like Harold Geenen said, “In the business world,everyone is paid by cash and experience. Take first the experience, then cash will come later.” And that what keeps me going and moving. Be inspired and be an inspiration. With love, Atria

iI’m giving you,guys, this tranquil view of the beach from King and Prince Hotel at St. Simons Island, GA. I know I owe you a lot of blog posts, I hope you’ll forgive me.

I was so busy working on my papers for my International OJT ( Oh thanks to God for the opportunity), which was not easy. Visa Interview was crucial, so we must be prepared. There are possibilities that U.S embassy consulate might deny your visa. Thank God (again) my visa was approved! 😉

Now, I am already here in America!!! I’m missing Philippnes 😦 but I’ll be fine. This is the essence of the program, to live independently.

Sorry for the random thoughts. I have to go to sleep now because tomorrow is another work day!

Goodnight, sweeties! More blogs, sooon!

with love,