Soft and Strong

β€œBeing soft and strong is a combination very few have mastered.” – William Shakespeare

Being an introvert, I’ve always been stereotyped as shy and quiet. Well, those are true. But what people don’t really know is that I’m strong on the inside. I may be quiet but I’m not weak. I take risks. I come out of my comfort zone (maybe) more than what you think. I go to places that I’ve never been and never heard off. In short, I’m not afraid of challenges — as this has always been a part of me.

With love,




I have posted a blog before about him, Chef Lawrence Li tan, my Catering class professor. I’ve been very vocal on how much I like him as my prof, and how much I admire him as a successful hotelier and a person. And just today, he just bid farewell to all of us which made us all sad. I didn’t have a chance to say how thankful I am to be one of his students. Now, I just want to state it all here that someday-somehow he could see.

Adieu, Chef Lawrence Li tan! I and your other students will miss you! Thank you for teaching us. Thank you for all the thoughts-to-ponder that you’ve imparted on us. Thank you for the advice that you gave us. You’ve been an inspiration to me and my classmates. It may sound Β clichΓ©, but you’ve made a great impact on me,I guess it’s because you are really one of the must-admire persons. I was amazed and impressed on what you’ve been through and on what you are right now that made me appreciate you more.

I’m gonna miss you. Someday, I hope we’ll see each other. And when that time comes, I could say to you “Hi sir! estudyante nyo po ako dati sa Fatima. Isa na po akong successful na chef/hotelier kasi kayo po yung naging inspirasyon ko.” God bless you Sir! Thank you!



Kiddie Party Table Set up: Spongebob and Angry Birds theme

Congratulations to us! We have made a very unique table set-up! Thanks to our Professor (Chef Tan) for teaching us and helping to us to make this very cute table set-up!