Soft and Strong

“Being soft and strong is a combination very few have mastered.” – William Shakespeare

Being an introvert, I’ve always been stereotyped as shy and quiet. Well, those are true. But what people don’t really know is that I’m strong on the inside. I may be quiet but I’m not weak. I take risks. I come out of my comfort zone (maybe) more than what you think. I go to places that I’ve never been and never heard off. In short, I’m not afraid of challenges — as this has always been a part of me.

With love,




I have posted a blog before about him, Chef Lawrence Li tan, my Catering class professor. I’ve been very vocal on how much I like him as my prof, and how much I admire him as a successful hotelier and a person. And just today, he just bid farewell to all of us which made us all sad. I didn’t have a chance to say how thankful I am to be one of his students. Now, I just want to state it all here that someday-somehow he could see.

Adieu, Chef Lawrence Li tan! I and your other students will miss you! Thank you for teaching us. Thank you for all the thoughts-to-ponder that you’ve imparted on us. Thank you for the advice that you gave us. You’ve been an inspiration to me and my classmates. It may sound  cliché, but you’ve made a great impact on me,I guess it’s because you are really one of the must-admire persons. I was amazed and impressed on what you’ve been through and on what you are right now that made me appreciate you more.

I’m gonna miss you. Someday, I hope we’ll see each other. And when that time comes, I could say to you “Hi sir! estudyante nyo po ako dati sa Fatima. Isa na po akong successful na chef/hotelier kasi kayo po yung naging inspirasyon ko.” God bless you Sir! Thank you!



Kiddie Party Table Set up: Spongebob and Angry Birds theme

Congratulations to us! We have made a very unique table set-up! Thanks to our Professor (Chef Tan) for teaching us and helping to us to make this very cute table set-up!