A Short Story: New York Love and Misadventures

Welcome to New York! It’s been waiting for you. Welcome to New York, welcome to New Yooork. Ugh. That song is really catchy,  isn’t it, Swifties?

Aside from seeing the Statue of Liberty and Time square, a romantic date in Central Park was also on the top of my NY Bucket List. And of course, it wouldn’t be romantic without my boyfriend, Avinash, who wholeheartedly promised to bring me to NYC again.  Continue reading “A Short Story: New York Love and Misadventures”


Beyond Compare

Yes, I was not able to experience and play snow in Northern USA, I was not able to see the Statue of Liberty in New York, I have not met the beautiful Disney Princesses nor watched the firework show at Disney World, I did not reach the target income (or maybe we just expected too much), I was not able to buy everything I wanted (oh DSLR!). Continue reading “Beyond Compare”