Bittersweet Escapes: Behind the Blog


This is Atria, a girl from the Philippines who moved to India in search for her inner peace and happiness, and most of all… for LOVE.

Yep, you read it right. I left my home country, my family, my dear friends and all the comfort behind, to be with Avinash, the man I met on my one-year internship in America over 2 years ago.


He is from India and was also an intern. That means we had to go back to our own country once our visas expire.

Being across the world from each other for fifteen months was enough for me to decide to leave everything behind and start a new life with Avinash — and all it took was a leap of faith and a one-way ticket to India.

Avinash was so sweet to surprise me with flowers at the airport.

My journey was not easy though. Let’s just say , the plan was all against the odds. And to be honest, except from the thought of finally seeing my boyfriend again, everything else scared me. I had to constantly remind myself that “Love conquers all”. 🙂

It’s not (always) as romantic as it sounds. I’ve been here in India for 4 months now and I had the most amazing and challenging days of my life! I’ve been through the best and the bad times! And when I say bad, it includes that phase in life of an expat called “culture shock” — being so overwhelmed, disoriented, irritated, depressed, etc.

I can’t say I’ve totally overcame this stage. But I’m getting there. With the help of my boyfriend, I’m slowly understanding the culture and learning the norms and the language. I can even eat spicy food now! I have also finally met Avinash family which was one of the greatest things — and his mom — oh, she was the sweetest!

Those are only a glimpse of my new life in India and I have a lot more to share! Follow me as I tell my sweet and not so sweet journey in this blog I called “Bittersweet Escapes”.

With love,



Teaser: Indian Wedding Experience

I can say that Akash and Simran’s wedding was the greatest day of my “Life in India” so far. It did not only make me witness how Indian Wedding was like (lots of glamour…and dancing!), but it gave me an opportunity to get to know Avi’s family as well and most specially, his mom. ❤❤❤

Soft and Strong

“Being soft and strong is a combination very few have mastered.” – William Shakespeare

Being an introvert, I’ve always been stereotyped as shy and quiet. Well, those are true. But what people don’t really know is that I’m strong on the inside. I may be quiet but I’m not weak. I take risks. I come out of my comfort zone (maybe) more than what you think. I go to places that I’ve never been and never heard off. In short, I’m not afraid of challenges — as this has always been a part of me.

With love,



Hello, It’s Me

Yes, I am back! So I just realized, I have not posted a thing on my blog for the whole year of 2015! What a shame! Did I work too hard that I never got a chance? Or maybe I had fun, super fun, that I did not bother to write? Whatever the reason was, I still don’t like it.

For me, writing keeps me sane. And it is one of the best way to look back on the things I have been through – good or bad. So just when 2016 comes, I’m taking a few steps back, thinking of all that has happened in my life, what went wrong and what went right.

As I stumbled upon the photos I took last year, I realized God blessed me a lot that all the blood and tears are worth it! Lots of my dreams came true and some of my goals were achieved. There were too many things to be grateful for – everything was wonderful and amazing! I have been to different places and experienced new stuffs. I’ve met awesome people to have fun with and to learn from. And to top them all, I met Avi, the reason behind my smile, my daily dose of inspiration and happiness! (I will share about him next time)

And if you’d ask me if there’s a thing I regret this 2015? I don’t have any. Everything happens for a reason. But it was not perfect either. It was never easy. But looking back on the bad stuffs isn’t nice to start the year, right? Let us be positive and look forward to all the blessings that God has in store for us.

So, despite of what I’m going through right now, I guess I am ready for yah 2016!

Happy New Year!


With Love,



“Thank you for calling! This is Atria. How may I help you?”

Have you heard I’ve already got a job? Yes! After 7 months of staying at home, job hunting that I didn’t take seriously and waiting in vain for my job opportunities in the US— I’ve finally decided to work here in Manila! *slow clap*

But after I received the contract— I have these mixed emotions. I am happy that I am no longer a coward because I faced my fears and applied for a job (Again! After the number of trying times that I can’t count anymore haha), no longer a loser because I was hired and I didn’t quit. Also, I am excited about learning new skills! Oh yeah, communication, I need you! But quite sad because some people (might) thought that I got the job because of my connections (?) and not because I deserve it? It was frustrating, really. That I wanted to leave the job right away! *sighs* But in a positive note, I use it as my motivation to work well and be good at it. I have to prove them wrong! Woah! Spirit! Haha!

I knew it! It wouldn’t be easy because I know what my capabilities are — I AM NOT FIT IN THIS JOB! I am not even close to their qualifications *Insert crying emoticon here* Well, that’s what I thought. But my sister who cares about me a lot and who believed in me said before, ” Kaya mo yan! I know you always excel in everything you do.” Pressure! Thanks, ate Kenn! Ayiieee!

I am talking about — Customer Service Rep. The job that involves a lot of talking, patience and strength. For me, it is one of the most difficult job! Imagine talking to an irate guests and working on a graveyard shift— hands down to all the CSR’s right there! And the job I never thought of doing. First, because I’m not a fluent english speaker — not even good in speaking in front of many people kahit tagalog pa yan! Second, I am scared because of my perception that it’s DIFFICULT!

Two weeks have already passed, and it seemed that I still haven’t totally adjusted yet — on the culture, environment and the people. I enjoy the training, though! I am learning! Woah! I’m so happy about it! And our trainers— oh my! They are amazingly awesome and the best! (I will write a different post about them. At the right time, kapag hindi na ko nahihiya at pag hindi ko na sila teachers?Teehee.) Even the company itself, I am so proud that I am now a part of it.

But as they always say, “You can’t have it all.” This work experience is really testing me physically, mentally and emotionally! And I’m feeling unstable somehow. Oh, poor me! I guess being emotionally unprepared affects me. Every time I step in our training room I feel nervous — I’m scared that I’ll not be able to do things right and that out of a big group of people I’d feel alone. When I say mentally and physically… I know you know what I mean.

I felt weak when negative perceptions of people around me cause me to be totally drained out. Reality? I cried over it in a day that I made my family worried because they never saw me break down and cry, unless we fight. They never saw me as vulnerable as I was that time. To be judged (sorry for the word) without knowing who you really are and without making an effort to do so did hurt me. I understand them the way they talk and the way they act — they confidence is really admirable! And for them to understand me? I felt sorry for myself. *Insert rolling-on-the-floor-crying-emoticon here* Some made me feel like I don’t belong which brought me to a point to question my personality. It’s not the acceptance that I wanted but please…RESPECT.

Right now, I think I’m getting over it! Yehey! It’s a good sign, right? I am learning to understand them more. Like they always say, “Everything you see is just the tip of an iceberg.” So,BE KIND. ALWAYS.

I realized that what other people say about me should not matter because I know who I really am and I have my family and friends who love me for who I am. People who has something to say behind your back, they are behind you for a reason. Remember that, Atria!


Oh! Do you also believe that people throw rocks on things that shine? Anyways…

I’m starting to be CONFIDENT and I’m staying STRONG – which are the keys to survive in this field! It is tough. But I’ll keep on fighting. I will make my sister proud! Naaaks!

I apologize for my random thoughts and my ka-dramahan. And, thank you! 🙂

With love,


A Diamond in the Rough