Welcome to Bittersweet Escapes — the brainchild of Atria Kenn! A place where I, a simple girl from Philippines shares my stories — from my life’s pursuits and misfits, to my travels and misadventures.

I started blogging in 2011 and found Tumblr  as an outlet for my musings on life in college, life after love, fashion inspirations, places to visit, career endeavor, and all those cute and funny reblogs in between. It has been 6 years of on and off writing until I decided to move here in WordPress this May 2017 to start a more serious and engaging blog, where I can actually interact with persons with common interest. That’s when Bittersweet Escapes was born.



After graduating college with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management and working at various hotels in USA and Philippines, I am honestly still confused of my career path. Quarter life crisis is real, guys!!! I’ve thought of becoming a website developer instead (they are in demand these days) , build my own Patisserie (I’d need training and investors) or try my luck in modeling and believe that dreams really do come true (HAHAHA Dont.Judge.Me).


“Soft and strong” — Shakespeare once said it is a trait only a few have mastered.I can’t say I’ve mastered this trait at all. But despite being stereotyped as quiet and shy, I’d like to believe I am brave enough to leave my comfort zone for a daring adventure into the unknown.

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Four months ago, I found myself in a strange country with only one familiar face who is my boyfriend. I know most of you think moving to India for love is insane! Well, I couldn’t agree more! Here at the Bittersweet Escapes blog, I’ll share with you my crazy life in India, one post at a time.

This is such a bad edit 😛 Anyway, that’s me with Avinash 🙂
With love,

Atria Kenn

“Whether or not you write well, write bravely.”


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