Rhode Island Travel Diary Part I: When Life’s a Beach

Two years back, as we were a month away from our US visas’ expiration, my friends and I braced ourselves for another parting time. Instead of feeling down that we were close to leaving our friends and colleagues who have become our family, we cheered up and decided to make the most out of our remaining days by creating memories. And nothing will be better than a getaway with your favourite people to somewhere serene yet fun! Two years forward, I’m reminiscing the unforgettable beach vacation we had!

Road Trip to Providence, Rhode Island

One fine Wednesday afternoon, September 2015, we bid goodbye to our little town Bretton Woods as we put on our seat belts and drive South to Rhode Island, another New England state known for its secluded beaches and seaside mansions — which were two of those many things we needed in a well-deserved RnR. It was David’s and Ashley’s ideas. They opted for somewhere we could really unwind and have fun as well. And voila! Rhode Island was the perfect destination! Not to mention, an Omni property is present in the location which means employee rate ( only a budget traveler could understand)!

Hello, Newport, Rhode Island!

Driving for 3 hours could be boring and exhausting, but not with these group of people I was travelling with! Along with my then boyfriend (now husband) Avinash‘s humor, joined by Jannie and Claudene‘s upbeat vibes, Ashley‘s and our Manager-slash-friend-slash-big brother David‘s fun ideas — we made one hell of a group! And playing “Cards Against Humanities” was only one of our ways to break the ice while on the road. It was my first time playing but I was actually pretty good that the game turned out to be also “Cards against Relationships”. LOL.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
Omni Providence Hotel — our home away from home

We arrived in the evening and was welcomed warmly by an Omni’s friendly staffs — from front desk to bellman to housekeeping, everyone was on top of their game! We appreciated every little things. I think it’s part of being a hotelier, you can’t help but point out even the tiniest details like their check-in spiels, the speed of the lift, and even the towel folding and toiletries’ arrangement πŸ™‚ And oh, I loved the cookies and milk during turn down service, too!

Day 1: Getting a dose of Vitamin Sea!

After a long night of playing Cards Against Humanities over pizza, we dozed off for the beautiful beach day ahead of us! As the sun shined brightly, a bunch of early birds drove up to Easton Beach, Newport. The moment the car parked and we get settled, we were like birds freed from their cage as we ran and sprang on the shore!

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

We were already comfortable and having fun when an officer came and warned us that the water has a high count of bacteria so swimming was a bad idea. Though the beach was really beautiful and quiet, we had to leave and transfer to another beach as we badly wanted to plunge in the water!

Second Beach/Sachuest Beach

By the name itself, to Second  Beach we went! With its various rock formations along the seashore, soft off-white sand and clean waters, the  Second Beach also known as Sachuest Beach, was not a second best at all. For those who look for tranquility, the beach was really quiet and peaceful. While those who look for fun and adventure, I recommend trekking the cliff on the far end and check “The Chasm”. You can also try surfing, no worries as there are surf boards for rent in the area. Though the waves weren’t big enough, it was still okay, I think.

Once we’ve found our own base, everyone just started to have a blast! Jannie and Claudene (me included!) couldn’t help but to click thousand of pictures away the moment they set foot on the beach, while David and Avinash dove straight to the water. Ashley did enjoy reading a book while basking under the sun. I know, nothing is as peaceful as reading your favorite novel with a calming sound of the ocean waves on the background. It’s a dream! πŸ™‚

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
Our little man cave.

The fun didn’t end yet. Of course, we all spent time playing in the water while Avinash and Claudene took turns on learning surfing. We also worked together in building our sand castles in between dips. Who says they’re only for kids?

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
My Avinash learning how to surf.
Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
Beautiful Ashley rebuilding our castle.

Romantic Walk on the Beach
Most of us girls dreamed of a walk by the beach with someone we love. This always sounds romantic to me. I was yet to find out. Okay, it’s going to sound corny but I’m unleashing the hopeless romantic side of me.

So, while everyone took their naps, I took the opportunity to finally be alone with Avinash. Girls can make the first move, too, you know. And it turned out, he was actually waiting for that moment, too!

Hand in hand, we walked along the seashore as the ocean breeze blew upon our faces. To make the most out of the experience, we walked barefoot leaving footprints In the sand.

I love this photo!
…and this guy.

As we reached the end, we decided to trek the cliff rather than walking back. We were curious what’s behind those giant rock formations, anyway. Although a bit slippery, I knew I had nothing to worry ’cause Avinash was there to catch me if I fall. (Haha okay corny much)

A true gentleman.

The trek was worth it. We felt like we’ve found a hidden treasure. The view of the sea from afar was spectacular. We were left in awe! As much as we wanted to call our friends so they can see the stunning view as well, we stayed a little longer instead and enjoyed that sense of ease by ourselves.

Sitting side by side on the cliff’s edge with someone dear to me, watching the seagulls fly across the ocean, listening to the waves crashing against the rocks were surreal! For me, nothing is more romantic than that.

The Daredevils by The Chasm and its Myth

Later on, the rest of the gang joined us with David showing us “The Purgatory Chasm”. This 10′ wide and 50′ deep breach between the giant rocks was formed thousand years ago with an interesting folklore to tell.

I was holding to David for my dear life.
One wrong step and we’re…
Of course, us girls won’t miss the opportunity for an Instagramable photo.

According to the legends, there were a rich and giddy woman and her young lover standing by the edge of the chasm. As the young man pleaded his love hoping to be loved back, the lady promised to be his wife only if he’ll prove his devotion to her by leaping over the breach. Without second thought, the young man complied as he uttered how much he adores her. He sprang on the other side of the rocks and she never saw his face again. Legend has it that the woman mourned for the rest of her life. 😦 Ain’t that awful?

Unlike the woman, I held my man tight as we kissed the day away. πŸ™‚

It was that moment I will never trade for anything in this world.

Indeed, the best beach day ever! On the second part, I’ll share our Newport Mansions experience. See you there!

With Love,



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