A Short Story: New York Love and Misadventures

Welcome to New York! It’s been waiting for you. Welcome to New York, welcome to New Yooork. Ugh. That song is really catchy,  isn’t it, Swifties?

Aside from seeing the Statue of Liberty and Time square, a romantic date in Central Park was also on the top of my NY Bucket List. And of course, it wouldn’t be romantic without my boyfriend, Avinash, who wholeheartedly promised to bring me to NYC again. 

We decided to go on my last week in USA under my exchange student visa. Though it couldn’t be more fun to spend your last days at the Big Apple, the fun of the trip still did not heal the pain of saying goodbye to Avi. 😦

Time Square

Anyway, let me share the Day 2 of our crazy adventures in New York City. I’m skipping day 1 just because this was the most memorable one for us. There were not a lot of  touristy photos as you would expect but only fun memories that Avi and I always love to revisit. You can take that as a warning that this long post might bore you.

It does not mean that the rest of our NY trip was not fun though. In fact, Avi and I enjoyed our first day walking at Wall Street while hunting the infamous Charging Bull, exploring Chinatown just to find stuff for Pasalubong – same stuff you will see in Time Square, only that those are less expensive (HA!). Oh! I loved our Rose-and-Jack moment, too, while at the State Cruise en route to Statue of Liberty! We cherished the moment so much that we forgot to take pictures. I guess the best and romantic moments we had were meant to be kept to ourselves.

New York Stock Exchange



So, back to the “Day 2 of Our Crazy Adventures in New York City”, it was Thursday, 9th of October, 2015. I wanted to start our day early so we can make the most out of our trip and I was hoping to tick most out of my NY bucket list. My boyfriend is not that type of person though. He should be well rested before he could start another day. While I don’t care if I’m sleepless when I travel, just like when I went to Boston and NYC with my friends.


As usual, in our 4 nights and 3 days NY vacay, our day started around 10:00 in the morning, grabbed breakfast from Dunkin Donuts next to the Inn where we are staying and booked Uber to drive us to Journal Square station – the nearest PATH train (this is the train you take from NJ to NY). We were in a really tight budget so staying in New Jersey was ideal. Though staying in a motor inn never came to mind, we had no choice but to transfer after we got to the Airbnb room I booked. Warning: photos can be deceiving. Ugh! I will never book Airbnb again though it was nice of them to give the refund. It is still safer to book in hotels, IHG hotels are recommended. Holiday Inn to name one. (Yas! Naisingit ko din!)

As planned, our Day 2 will be a romantic date at Central Park like I have always dreamed about. Once we reached World Trade Center, we were supposed to take the subway to 5th Ave. But Avi asked me if we can walk by the Stock Exchange on Wall Street to find the lady we helped the other day.

“Please, baby? I’m thinking of bringing her to New Hampshire. For sure they could give her a job at the hotel.”


I remember when we passed by this homeless lady the other day, without a second thought, Avi couldn’t help himself but give her some money. I know that this act seems ordinary for him but I find it more than that as people nowadays only ignore the less fortunate. Don’t take that against me but that is the reality and I’d be a hypocrite if I say I’m not one of those. Avinash is just one of the few who cares, he has this generous heart to everyone and I couldn’t be luckier.

To Avi, I know you won’t feel good about me sharing your charity acts but… this is my blog, baby! 🙂

As we walk towards the subway station,10 mins later…

“Let’s buy food for her so she can keep the money for something else.”

We went back to where we saw her but she already left. Maybe she relocated to somewhere with more people. But for Avi, “Maybe she left to buy food already. Maybe that’s all she has” Awww. He really has a heart bigger than the Big Apple.

We continued walking on our way to the subway station. Just along the street, he found an opportunity to share the food with the homeless man. I felt great as if my day was already complete yet it just started.

Unfortunately, when we returned to the same spot the next day to share a good opportunity, she was nowhere to be found.


Granted, we made it to 5th Avenue. As we walked through Central Park, we are welcomed by its greener trees, fresh air, and its serenity. Watching people running with their dogs and couples under the trees k-i-s-s-i-n-g, made me feel like we were in a movie.

We walked till we find a perfect spot. And there, we climbed on those big rocks by the lake overlooking the Lower Manhattan’s skyscrapers. Avi and I did not care to lay on the rocks, leaning my head on his chest, feeling the breeze, breathing in the moment just like what I’ve always imagined before. And yes, fairy tales do come true!


“I could stay here all day.”, that’s all he can say.

That’s my Avi! ♥
He was so relaxed and just taking selfies (which really not his thing).

Then, I remember my Central Park bucket list. I wanted to see the beautiful walkway called The Mall, leading to the promising fountain by Bethesda Terrace where I could wander as if I’m Giselle from Enchanted. We could lay on the floor of the Wollman Rink pretending John and Sara from the movie Serendipity.

The Mall (Photo:  chrisschoenbohm)
Bethesda Fountain (Photo: Tripadvisor)
…and just me somewhere in Central Park.

As a spoiled girlfriend that I am, Avi got up so we can start ticking off the list and make my dreams come true. Central Park was wider than I thought, all the places that seem walking distance in google maps turned out far. I got worried that we may not complete my list before the sunset. It was like an amazing race only that we were competing against the time.

…you okay, babe?

I can’t describe how far we walked in order to see the rink and the fountain. We get lost. Both of us were starting to lose patience and energy to the point that Avi get tired…of me. He was mad. No, that’s an understatement. He was enraged. I remember the epic argument we had and how people pretend that they were not eavesdropping.

“You are all on your list! Did you ever think of me? Have you asked if I am hungry?! We’ve been walking for hours only for you to complete your list! You forgot that I am with you.”

I was lost of words. He was right. We should have just enjoyed the moment together and happily strolled the park without worrying about stuff.

My apologies were not enough for him. I even thought that he might leave me alone… there in the middle of my dreamland. We sat on one of the benches not saying a word. I also kept my mouth shut. It was like the more I speak the more I trigger him to explode.

After a few minutes of silence…

He finally muttered, “Let’s go. Where are we now?”

I handed him the GPS. I mean my phone. And continued strolling.

It was almost dark when we finally reached the beautiful The Mall. I imagined us holding hands while walking, asking strangers to take some couple shots or just having some future talks in one of the lined bench but none of it happened.

Then, there’s the Wollman Rink…


“We are here. Is that it? Aside from these skyscrapers, there is nothing to see here.”

Like him, I was disappointed. It was not as beautiful as in the movies and pictures. I remember Jannie dreamed of skating in that rink while I just suggested to watch her and take her photos instead from the outside. I guess without the snow, the rink loses its beauty.

Trump Wollman Rink (Photo: Jeff Bergman)

Avi and I sat on the side, making way for the people doing Zumba, still quiet.

“Where do you want to eat?”

“No, where do you want to eat. I know you’re hungry.”

“Maybe there’s some Filipino Restaurants somewhere.”

Then I know my Avi is back. He was just HANGRY. But he is still the loving and caring boyfriend that he is.

“ I heard there is one called Jeepney Restaurant, they have Balut and I would really like you to try it.”

And the fun began…

It may not be a romantic date as I was dreaming of. I may not have taken touristy photos or what you so-called relationship goals in one of the famous attractions in the world. But I will not have this Central Park date any other way.

To Mr. Avinash Singh, I’m looking forward to more misadventures with you! To getting lost together!

With Love,


“Whether or not you write well, write bravely.” – Bill Scout


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