Frozen Meets Fun: My First Snow Experience

Let it  go, let it go. Can’t hold it back anymooore…


You really can’t hold it back when mother nature drops a playground! I remember the first day I saw snow, I was running to Jannie next door and literally dragged her from her bed to the window so she could also see its stunning beauty. Winter wonderland, indeed!

And for someone who just experienced snow  for the first time, of course I had my first snowman, first snow angel and my first snow ball fight! Just as much as I like to write my name on the sand, I definitely had mine on the snow, too, both on the ground and on someone’s windshield! So. Much. Fun!


I also did not miss the chance to learn downhill skiing! I was not even bad myself. Go, please ask my friends how good I was! HAHA!


“Make a pizza to stop, french fries to go fast.” – David, our very patient friend/Manager/ski instructor. You’re the best, David!

And if you’re scared to ski or snowboard, sledding in a superman pose is twice the fun!


Or you can just walk in the snow, enjoy the view…


and listen to Michael Buble…

“I’m dreaming of a white Christmas. Just like the ones I used to know”


I grew up in a tropical  country, yet the cold never bothered  me anyway.

I know it’s very random and overdue. I’m just pondering over my frozen memories in New Hampshire while hoping that the weather in India will turn back to cold.

I never imagined that it gets freezing cold in India. In fact, they get snow in the Northern part during the winter! Awesome! I’m so jealous!

I just wish we get to experience snow in Philippines, too! 😦


Day dreaming with love,


Soft and Strong

“Being soft and strong is a combination very few have mastered.” – William Shakespeare

Being an introvert, I’ve always been stereotyped as shy and quiet. Well, those are true. But what people don’t really know is that I’m strong on the inside. I may be quiet but I’m not weak. I take risks. I come out of my comfort zone (maybe) more than what you think. I go to places that I’ve never been and never heard off. In short, I’m not afraid of challenges — as this has always been a part of me.

With love,



Hello, It’s Me

Yes, I am back! So I just realized, I have not posted a thing on my blog for the whole year of 2015! What a shame! Did I work too hard that I never got a chance? Or maybe I had fun, super fun, that I did not bother to write? Whatever the reason was, I still don’t like it.

For me, writing keeps me sane. And it is one of the best way to look back on the things I have been through – good or bad. So just when 2016 comes, I’m taking a few steps back, thinking of all that has happened in my life, what went wrong and what went right.

As I stumbled upon the photos I took last year, I realized God blessed me a lot that all the blood and tears are worth it! Lots of my dreams came true and some of my goals were achieved. There were too many things to be grateful for – everything was wonderful and amazing! I have been to different places and experienced new stuffs. I’ve met awesome people to have fun with and to learn from. And to top them all, I met Avi, the reason behind my smile, my daily dose of inspiration and happiness! (I will share about him next time)

And if you’d ask me if there’s a thing I regret this 2015? I don’t have any. Everything happens for a reason. But it was not perfect either. It was never easy. But looking back on the bad stuffs isn’t nice to start the year, right? Let us be positive and look forward to all the blessings that God has in store for us.

So, despite of what I’m going through right now, I guess I am ready for yah 2016!

Happy New Year!


With Love,


Whatever Wednesday: Let’s catch up!

Hello there!


It’s 13:12 EST now and I am working alone at the Front Desk, in my Manager’s words “You’re in charge!” And I like it, it just means that she trusts me and she believes that I can do it by myself! Yay!

You might be wondering how I was able to write this if I’m working. Just so you know, it’s so nice and quiet in our hotel right now. I believe I am done with all my paper works in here, the guests who were leaving have already checked out and I am just waiting for our guests to check in. See? I really have nothing to do — so I’m blogging my day shift away!

It’s been awhile since my last post. I know, right? I’ve been very busy since I started working in IHG. It was not the I-don’t-have-time type of busy though. There was just no perfect time for me to write. I think I was mentally drained. LOL! I have promised to write my IHG work experience but sorry because… still not yet composed.

If you’re one of my friends and one of my followers in Instagram, you’ve heard the news! I made it to the US again! Yeah! *teary-eyes*


I am so grateful that my dream come true once again! One of my biggest dreams is to be one of a successful hoteliers in my age and working as a Front Desk Agent in a hotel abroad is my stepping stone. So imagine how happy and blessed I am that I’m working my dream job! I, having a soft and shy type of personality, I didn’t expect that I could fit in this job! It takes confidence to face different people from different countries around the globe. Like what they say, fake it till you make it. From time to time I have overcome my shyness and now I am all smiles greeting people! 🙂 Ugh! I love it!


I realized that as long as you know what you want, just dare to dream and dare to achieve it then nothing is impossible! You are never too small to dream big! Okay?

I’ll be writing my journey to US one of these days and hopefully I could show you some pictures of the magnificent hotel where I am working at as well as the beautiful people I’m working with. And I would love to tour you around, too! I will take you to our magic kingdom by the white mountains, I promise!

I really wanted to tell you more about my experiences here in the US and what not but I can see a guest coming to check in! So, till my next post!

With love,